“Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver”

Before I had a teenager around, I would’ve thought this a lovely quote. Sadly, they can puncture inspiration like last summers lilo, and everything is the opposite of what you think to be a sane and reasonable thought. Although my son’s and I do share a sense of humour, and mostly our days are filled with a particular type of hilarity shared amongst ourselves. And only ourselves. This shared hilarity does not extend to times like when I use my voice reserved for when the cat is doing something particularly cute, and I’m telling her how cute she is, which sometimes also involves a bit of singing, which she loves because I can see it in the way she looks like she is actually smiling… And my teenage son walks past and mutters “Nurse, she’s out of her bed again”.

These moments render the quote entirely untrue because:

1. Many a teacher has told me will tell you that the class clown is never class captain.

2. “You fancy one more night on this planet?!” Is not the beginnings of a conversation where two people are about to get along.

3. Neither of us get anything done whilst I am holding him in a headlock with one arm behind his back, and demanding an apology and at least two examples of proof of how obvious it is that that comment does not apply to me. Which is as forthcoming as the Toothfairy is to Shady Days Home for the Aged.

I’m just saying, people should be careful what they say. Teenagers and Presidents in particular. Thats all.


One thought on ““Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver”

  1. godintheicu says:

    Brilliant! I was laughing out loud. That talent is too good to be hidden in your blog!

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