What Did You Get For English?

Exams are over! Honestly, I’m so happy my eyes are leaking a little bit. I dread them more than the meetings that come after exams where the teacher deals a deathblow in the form of a report. And that’s bad dread! There is no fighting between the teen son and I almost at all most of the time, until there is studying to be done. During exams its WW1. The one where battlefields were mainly shouting and throwing whatever object was at hand. Before exams, I am oblivious to what needs to be studied, what tests are being written, or what stuff needs to be handed in when. In order to keep the peace I have to take the ostrich approach, and tell myself the foundations are laid, the responsibility is his, Ill go in  and ask just as soon as the cork is out of this bottle blah blah. Anyway. I’ve tried to be one of those Moms, like the one who wrote that book. Slayer Mom of a Teenage Dragon Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother. Its impossible. Well obviously its not impossible. Its just hard, takes up a lot of time, and requires serious follow through of threatened disciplinary action. Of course I am excited as any mother would be who see’s great earning potential in their lawyer/politician trait-ed child, and just want him to see it too. But as I lack his obvious articulation skills, after hearing his explanations, I usually have to make excuses that I smell burning and throw in an over the shoulder “we are NOT done discussing this!” When I know as well as he does that we are. The problem is this… His explanations for why there is nothing written in his homework diary….every day of the year… What exactly he needs to study… When last he studied… Why he is watching endless seasons of Chuck on his laptop the night before an exam…and Why he has his laptop when it was confiscated along with the phone that he is using to simultaneously play games on….are as clear, and reassuring and sound a lot like…

Um…good, so you’re done studying then?


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