Here are some single parenting articles I’ve come across while cruising the interweb for help, or the meaning of life, or stronger cocktail recipes:


10 Ways to Get Used to Being Alone After Divorce

Good advice. Be alone. It’ll do you the world of good. 

To Know is Human, To Comprehend, Divine

– This is just great and true and not written in a mushy egotistical way either. I love it. 

Single Parent Guilt

 – It will eat you alive. 

Real Dads Don’t Leave

– I got this one from the brilliant Single Dad Laughing.  A topic very close to my heart, and I love it when people (especially Dads) rant about it. 

Maintenance and Child Support in South Africa

– very useful info, but this is not written in layman’s terms. I tried reading it really slowly, that helped a little. 

Maintenance Manual

– this is the one in laymans terms. Very helpful. 

Single Mothers Aren’t the Problem Today, Absent Fathers Are

– I could not agree more, anyone who knows me will know this.

How to Calculate Child Maintenance

– This is just to get an amount mind you, I’m still researching how to get it into your bank account.

Managing Stress As a Single Parent

Easier said than done, but maybe that’s just me.

Flying Solo: Six Ways to Soar as a Single Parent

Hmm, this article is not about self-medicating, and for that reason I think ‘soar’ may be too strong of a word. 

When a Divorce Makes a Better Dad

– Great, but not great that that’s what it took.

As a parent of a son who seeks danger, this is what I needed to hear.


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